About Me

I guess I would say that I am the “Frasier” of blogging. Best at self-reflection, active listening, and wp-1483383876799.jpg problem-solving with a depth and intelligence to match. Much like a Frasier, I have my own doubts and insecurities. Yet, have a genuine positive regard for others. I truly enjoy helping people both spiritually and naturally. Here, you’ll find a comfortableness in self-awareness and clear dry sense of humor, and though long-winded to a fault, I somehow still manage to be relatable. In sum, I am an advocate: the go between from where one is to where one wants to be. And the overarching goal is to continue the fight for mental health and wellness with a blend of spiritual guidance. By day, I am a child and youth advocate always willing to challenge the status quo and to be the voice for those who have yet to find their own. I’m not refined nor am I pretentious. In this blog and devotional, I am the biggest proponent of inclusivity because I need these words just as much as my fellow man. I’m humbled at being used by God as a bond to keep those around me from detaching in the midst of life’s sticky situations.

Soul Support Sista’ ❤
M.S. School Counseling

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“The good life is a process, not a state of being.”
– Carl Rogers, Psychologist