Living Life Unresolved

There’s an old song that say’s, “Sunny days everybody loves them. Tell me baby can you stand the rain? Storms will come this we know for sure. Can you stand the rain?” And I CANNOT stop humming this tune ever since tuning into the The New Edition Story BET miniseries. No, do not expect me to preach this series to you but know that these lyrics have been speaking to me. The song itself has an awareness of being able to stand during the “perfect” moments in life but also questions the ability to weather the storm. It asks of us what will we do when the bad times come because the bad times will indeed come and that’s real. Yet, in life we always have options don’t we? The options here  for us are now twofold: we can either stand or we can run but understand that our running will only leave the things behind us unresolved. Now I understand that the standing is the hardest option but it is the optimal option for us. Though it may leave us cold and/or wet, if we stand long enough the sun will soon come back out and it is the SON that dries out all of our issues. That’s how we find resolve, ya’ll; in the midst of the rain waiting on the SON.

Far too often do we sweep life’s issues under the carpet under the guise of moving on. I myself sometimes fear that dust bunny that I have created in my own life under said carpet. For it would be a scary sight to finally peel it back only to find just how much dirt has been collected and how much stuff that I’ve been walking over as if it doesn’t even exist. Old folks say, if you keep on sweeping things under the rug (like loss, family disputes, and finances) eventually you’ll trip and fall. And trust me, it’s all still there. That’s what I like to call living life unresolved. So let me ask you: Have you ever been mad and couldn’t pinpoint why? It’s likely because there’s still some stuff that you haven’t faced and because you haven’t faced it there’s a whole lot to be angry about. Moral of the story is: You gotta face your demons man. Call them jokers out by name. Cause if you don’t stand to (or address them), you’ll fall extremely hard. This I’ve realized, in my 31 years, that working through your problems is what makes you strong and I’ve learned that the work is not easy. In fact, it’ll feel a lot like resistance training. You know… where you exercise your soul with your opposing problems as the force. Again, that’s how we find resolve.

Now as I ride here shotgun on this two lane road under the starry night sky, I can’t help but think about all that I still need to resolve. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to live this life unresolved anymore than I do. Like me, I’m sure you just want to be free; unshackled from the chains of your issues. But know this: your problems don’t just disappear you have to make them go away. In the end, we all have to take ownership of our issues in order to ever set them free (i.e resolve).

I guess what I’m trying to say is… though we cannot control what happens to us we can definitely control us (or our behaviors and/or response to). And as your Soul Support Sista, I would be remiss if I did not tell you the truth about your part in all of this. What is your part, you ask? It is dealing with the cause because treating these symptoms alone can actually make you worse. Living life unresolved, you guys, really isn’t living life at all. It’s allowing life to happen to you as you choose to be a nonparticipant. No, I’m not telling you that it is all up to you for God will indeed have His way. What I’m suggesting is that you do manage your issues daily and give them to God to settle. Gone are the days of letting it all build, giving God this lump sum of our pain, putting our faith on the shelf for a fixer versus putting our faith into practice for our Savior’s use. Now is the time to become an active participant in handling our life’s issues (such as grief, anxiety, and distress) both regularly and individually as they come. Now… whenever that now may be for you.

Bless and be blessed,

– Soul Support Sista’ ❤


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