One Time

All it takes is just one time. You know many a people build their hope upon a “one time.” I often hear, “Well, one time so and so did this and it worked for them”or “One time so and so got that and all they had to do was…” Man, the power of “the one time” is strong with these folks. It’s like all people really need is just one time and then anything becomes possible for them. But what if I told you, like I’m Morpheus or something, that you can achieve what you want without the “one time.” My brothers and sisters, you don’t have to wait for someone else’s blueprint to make plans for your own life. No! You have the chief architect at your disposal; able and willing to work miracles on your behalf, even when what you want hasn’t been done yet.

The “one time” is just a false assurance of possibility. In actuality, faith alone is assurance enough. The “one time” is merely a convenience, Saint’s; one that has become a bit of a fraudulent practice of faith for many of us. The problem with depending on “one time” is that it simply puts too much stock in man. I know, I know. Even so, “If God did it for them, I know that He can do it for me” is a far cry from “One time he/she did this and so I, too, can do.” So when will we learn that there is just no real insurance that man can give? For as the Psalmist says, “It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man” (Psalm 118:8). This I have been reluctantly learning. This I have found: the only “one” that can truly cover me is God. And so I ask you, is your trust in good hands?

Now don’t laugh but this general message came to me while waiting on a chicken box in America’s Best Wings, ya’ll. Picture it: Maryland, 2017. I am sitting and overhear two 40 something year old women go on and on about “one time” scenario’s. Honestly, it was like they were in a match to see who could one-up the other. What started as simple as “one time my neighbor found $100 in her pocket” quickly progressed to “one time my friend randomly bought a scratch-off ticket and won $1,000.” Which we all were to conclude that money was coming their way because of the one time experiences that they had heard of. Meanwhile, I’m shaking my head. I look over, nod, and smile. Then I start to think: where is the mention of what God can do because I only hear references of what man has done.

Now in full introspection mode, I am sitting in a chicken joint processing my own faith. I’m questioning the amount of faith that I put in man versus the amount of belief that I have in God.Then it hits me. This type of scale shouldn’t even exist. Surely, we can’t balance God! God outweighs it all. So I encourage you, brethern, to also look at your faith. I pray that we all stop trying to balance the scales. For our faith in God is enough! We don’t don’t need one time. We have the one!

Bless and be blessed,

– Soul Support Sista’ ❤


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