Nothing New…

It has become apparent that the new year is a universal season where people look towards what has value in their lives. It is traditionally the time of year where we collectively seek and toil over what value we have as individuals, ourselves. What we often do not question, around this time, is cost: What has this person, place, or thing cost me? What is the cost of simply being me in these uncertain times? These are the questions that provide the answers to worth that we seek. These are the questions that lead us to what it actually takes to produce the value.

Like many of you, I have fallen subject to the perpetual questions of life meaning, value and worth. Like the rest of you, I have fallen subject to making the New Year’s Resolutions under the illusion that the resolutions would actually be fulfilled in the coming year. Then life kept happening and so I decided that if it isn’t supporting my soul then it isn’t worth the cost of my toil nor my time. Basically, I stopped lying to myself or misleading rather.

Speaking of lies, have you ever heard that around the new year a shifting takes place? The general consensus is that people look toward the change of the impending year as a catalyst for change within their own life direction to move themselves progressively forward and onward. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. It has been my experience, that though the new year be labeled as a shifting, in reality it is met more like a hold up. For some strange reason, each new year has a way of leaving me held up or rather positioned in between hope and displacement. Where on the one hand, I feel forced to leave comfort; and on the other hand, I feel a yearning for much more. All I know is that neither hand ought to be played blind and that life is such a crappy bad dealer; and in knowing that I have begun to understand that adversity and affliction can be distributed at any time. Yet, there is still hope for those hands that strategy could not win for though undeserving, I am still permitted to draw from God’s grace and mercy giving me more options to stand i.e. “I see you devil, and I’ll raise praise anyhow!”

Each year that we are still here ya’ll the stakes are raised. So in reflection of my  2016, I decided to put spiritual matters into perspective for 2017. I recognized that God has to be my center in order for any true change to occur. That is why I made an agreement with Him to hold myself to my own general goal of delivering devotion. I’ve learned through the 3 1/2 years of the devotional that the scriptural devotion exercises my soul long before it ever shapes those who read it. So as I blog now as your Soul Support Sista’, I also encourage you to make an agreement with God to hold yourself to a spiritual goal that is beneficial for your soul. I encourage you to pay heed, in 2017, to the amount that you deposit into your soul for there is no profit in losing it for the gains of this world. Brethern, take this into consideration for the year: New year, same God; new year, same victorious outlook.

Bless and be blessed,

– Soul Support Sista’ ❤



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