“Soul Support Sista'” is a social-emotional guidance blog and weekly scriptural devotional dedicated to none other than Rhonda La’ D. Cook. Rhonda La’ is my late mother, who sadly passed away on April 3, 2013. A very dedicated woman of God was she, who thought it not strange to encourage others and build them up with the Word of God (every chance she could get); even if it meant doing so from the confines of a hospital bed. Mrs. Cook took pride in sending her devotions EVERY DAY to her family and friends via text; no matter how hard times got or how sick she became. And when she passed, there was such a significant void in many people’s lives, not only was her presence missed but her spiritual guidance, as well.

Mommy & Me... July 8, 2012

On April 24th, 2013, I began texting those same family and friends on her behalf (making sure to add my own friends as well). In my mind, in doing so, her legacy would not die!! Though I may not be able to do so every day (as her), my Monday through Friday effort seemed to carry the work on sufficiently enough. In the beginning, I consistently texted persons individually on a weekly basis; then the idea to turn the devotional text into something bigger was presented to me about 3 months in. At the time, graduate school and work often got in the way but I am finally in a position to blog and offer scriptural devotions to all who are willing to hear.

On December 29, 2016 “Soul Support Sista'” was born 🙂 In hopes that as the people followed they would also be encouraged. And with every moment of encouragement, to me, my Mother’s Memory lives to see another day!!! So, be ye encouraged my brethern. Be Blessed. And become a part of the legacy that which is Rhonda La’ D. Cook through her beloved daughter.

Psalm 116:6 “Truly I am your servant, Lord; I serve you just as my mother did; you have freed me from my chains.”

Soul Support Sista’ ❤